Introducing Folders and SMTP Configurations

Email Me now comes with a new brand screen called Folders.

November 20, 2019 by Manuel Escrig

Since the very first versions of Email Me one feature request that has been around requested many times was the option to have an Archive/Outbox screen where the user could see the list of all the different Email Notes sent.


Email Me now comes with a new brand screen called Folders. This screen has 3 sections. The first one is Outbox where the user can see the list of Email Notes that failed sending and they will be sent automatically once the App has connectivity again. The second section is Starred, which shows the list of Email Notes that the user uses more frequently so they are easier and faster to find and send them again. The last section is Sent that shows the whole list of Email Notes sent by the user, by tapping on them the user can edit them and send them again. The user can swipe in any of the 3 sections and see the quick actions to either delete them or them again.

Email Me Folders Email Me Folders Focus

SMTP Configurations

The second feature in this release is the option for the users to use their SMTP servers to send their Email Notes. The user can add SMTP configurations and select the one they prefer at any given time.

Email Me SMTP Email Me SMTP Focus


If you want to cover Email Me on the media, there's available a Press Kit for download with a PR and assets.

As always any kind of feedback about this update is welcomed.

Thank you for reading ❤️
- Manuel

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