Updating the App for iOS 13

Email Me is now taking advantage of all the new iOS 13 features and more.

October 10, 2019 by Manuel Escrig

Las week was released iOS 13 and it comes with new exciting features that are now available for all users around the world. The new Email Me version 3.7 is now taking advatange of them. Here's a short summary of everything that this release includes.

Dark Mode

The new iOS 13 comes with one important addition which is Dark Mode. Email Me had already themes including Dark Mode in previous versions but now it takes the possibility of selecting the option to automatically switch to Light/Dark Mode whenever the OS switches. You can select this option in the Settings -> Theme Sreen.

Email Me iOS 13


Hear what’s happening on your screen. Email Me is built for everyone. Email Me has been optmized to take advantage of your iPhone features.

Email Me iOS 13

Siri & Shortcuts

Hey Siri! Sen a message using Email Me. This update implements an important feature which is Siri. Now you can use Email Me with Siri to send yourself a note without even touching your phone once.

Email Me iOS 13


Email Me now comes with a brand new set of icons for the different Settings screens making it now more clear for the users what each action is suppose to do. This iconography is backward compatible all the way to the minium version that Email Me supports iOS 9.0.

Email Me iOS 13

Refactoring Settings

I've been wanting to reorganize the settings screens for a while. Now, adding the new icons was the perfect chance to do so. All the information and different settings options are now grouped more readily. I've added new shortucts and more information for the users making it more clear and easier to find what they need. Check them out.

Email Me iOS 13

What's New

This update includes as well a What's New screen in settings where the users can see the changelog describing all the changes for each version in detail.

Email Me iOS 13


If you want to cover Email Me on the media, there's available a Press Kit for download with a PR and assets.

As always any kind of feedback about this update is welcomed.

Thank you for reading ❤️
- Manuel

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